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Fibromyalgia Recognized as a Long-Term Condition In Ireland

As a result of a three-year effort by the Patient and Client Council in Northern Ireland, dedicated services will now be established across Ireland’s health trusts to treat fibromyalgia patients as a long-term condition, according to a report from the BBC’s Northern Ireland bureau this week. Patients will now be able to get services from…
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What Happens When You File a Disability Claim Online?

Filing a disability claim online is not like placing an order with Zappos, although there are some similarities.  Just like big online retailers, insurance companies spend millions to make their online processes seamless, easy to navigate and as pleasant an experience as possible. But unlike Zappos, there are built-in pitfalls to the disability claims process…
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Who decides if you are disabled?

If you have filed a disability claim with the disability insurance company that you purchased a policy from privately, or if your disability insurance is part of your employee benefits plan, you may be surprised to learn that in either case, it is not your treating physician who makes the final determination as to whether…
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