Disability Insurance Lawyer Blog

Disability Insurance Investigators Using Drones for Claimant Surveillance

Insurance surveillance takes place all year round, but summer has always been high season for private investigators gathering video on the activities of disability insurance claimants. The increasingly small size and decreasing cost of equipment has made conducting video surveillance a stronger tool than ever before. Making it even easier? A rise in the use…
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Disability Insurance Applications Process

You are in a state of shock. Through an accident or an unexpected medical diagnosis, your entire world has been thrown into chaos. Your ability to continue working has been stripped. The phone rings constantly with doctor’s appointments, you are faced with multiple healthcare appointments and it seems like someone is always putting another form…
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Has CIGNA Denied Your Disability Claim?

CIGNA disability claims, or claims from other large disability insurers, are often managed by third-party companies, who are contracted by CIGNA, Aetna or some other large insurer. They are hired to review claims, which often entail denying or terminating claims. These are not companies you will read about when you purchase your disability insurance coverage.…
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