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Frankel and Newfield, PC is a disability insurance law firm representing individuals nationwide regarding their private short term and long term disability insurance policies and group long term disability insurance policies, both ERISA LTD policies and non-ERISA group policies, as well as policies secured through associations such as the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Dental Association (ADA). Justin Frankel and Jason Newfield represent policyholders at all stages of the disability insurance claims cycle, including but not limited to: strategic planning before filing, denied claims, delayed claims, terminated benefits, lump sum settlement negotiations, litigation, ERISA and non-ERISA appeals, and more.

The partners work directly with clients, bring their experience and aggressive litigation skills to serve in the fight to protect client benefits and prosecute bad faith denials and terminations of long term disability insurance claims.

For a free consultation, contact us today at 1-877-LTD-CLAIM (877-583-2524) or click here to send us an email. There are often strict time limitations on disability matters, so don't delay calling our office to learn how we can help you.  If you have recently become disabled and need help filing a claim, if you have filed a claim and the insurance company is sending you requests for more and more information, or if your claim has been terminated, call our office to speak with experienced disability lawyers who can help. 

We Focus Only on Disability Law and Represent Clients Nationwide

Long term disability benefit insurance policies and short term disability benefit insurance policies are complex contracts with provisions and requirements that are deliberately difficult to understand. At Frankel & Newfield, we know our way around the contracts, the companies, and the laws that govern disability claims. We litigate these cases in courts nationwide.

We Help Clients Throughout the Entire Claims Process

Frankel & Newfield works with claimants before filing long term disability benefit claims, helping with the paperwork that can often be overwhelming, working with primary care and treating physicians, and avoiding the minefields set to trap unsuspecting people.

Disability Settlement Negotiations

Frankel & Newfield represents policyholders in long term disability insurance settlement negotiations. There are many instances when disability policyholders would prefer to receive a disability lump sum payout rather than spend years worrying that their claim is going to be denied or delayed.

Benefits Delayed or at Risk of Review?

Frankel & Newfield represent disability insurance claimants who were first approved and received disability insurance benefit claim checks, and then experienced a significant delay in benefit payments, or learn that the insurance company is reviewing their disability claim and preparing to issue a denial.

Receiving Short Term Benefits Now?

We also work with disability insurance claimants who are receiving short term disability benefit claim checks, which is often the first step in the long term disability insurance claims process.


  • You cannot work because of a long term illness or injury
  • An accident has left you disabled
  • The effects of an illness or accident has left you unable to work or limited in your ability to work full time or perform all of your work duties.

You count on your long term disability insurance policy!

When the insurance company claims you have no claim, contact Frankel & Newfield. With Frankel & Newfield on your side, you have made the right first step to ensuring that your rights will be protected.

Contact us today at 1-877-LTD-CLAIM (877-583-2524) or click here to send us an email.

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  • Jason Newfield is a skillful navigator through the quagmire of obtaining disability insurance payments. He is empathetic, reliable and an honest attorney. Hire him, lean on him; he will be there for you.”- Ob/Gyn, Massachusetts
  • I would most definitely recommended Mr. Frankel and his organization. They are true professionals and I gladly give them my strongest endorsement for people who find themselves in a health crisis that totally turns their world upside down.”- Engineer, New York State
  • I feel extremely blessed to have met Mr. Frankel and I would recommend him whole heartedly not only to my family and friends buy to anyone who is struggling to receive their disability benefits.”- Ph.D., California
  • Justin C. Frankel took on the challenge, provided anchor support through the whole process, and won. I recommend their team to everybody who needs help in dealing with disability insurance. Thanks, Justin.”- Long term care policy, New York State
  • Justin and the entire team at Frankel & Newfield took control of my claim and brought things to a successful resolution. I could not have managed without their representation, and for that I am deeply appreciative.”- Harvard Educated Female Executive, Fortune 500 Company, Maryland
  • Frankel & Newfield is a firm I can recommend unreservedly.Not only has Frankel & Newfield represented my interests successfully, their attorneys care about their clients.” - Executive, Fortune 500 Company
  • After consulting with Mr. Newfield, I attained clear direction as to what needed to be done and was left with a sense of satisfaction, calmness and contentment. I am convinced that I had made the right choice in selecting Mr. Newfield to represent me.”- Chiropractor, Long Island, New York
  • I Mr. Frankel to be in a totally superior class and truly an expert. Not only has my care and success been achieved by Justin Frankel, but additionally he was able to obtain two years of residual benefits.”- Vascular Surgeon, New Jersey

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