Residual or Partial Disability Claims Article by Jason Newfield in Dentist’s Money Digest

The second article on disability insurance law in our series for Dentist’s Money Digest explores the issues facing dentists who are suffering from a disabling condition and have seen their income begin to decline as a result of their disability.

The question is, can their claim be backdated to reflect the time that their income started to decline? This is an issue regularly experienced by many professionals, who try their best to maintain their practice rather than immediately stop working as a result of their disability.

Backdating a disability claim can have a significant impact on the economic well-being of the claimant. One key factor: how far back can the claim be backdated. The terms are in the policy, which serves as a legal contract between the insurance company and the claimant.

Disability insurance policies are complex legal documents, and references to “residual” or “partial” disability are not well understood claimants. For an experienced disability insurance lawyer, these are key policy provisions to examine.

Frankel & Newfield represents many dentists, orthodontists, and medical professionals with disability claims. This is but one of the many legal tactics we use to help clients as they struggle with the dual issues of a disability and the loss of income.

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