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The demanding pace of today’s workplace leaves little room for individuals whose ability to function is impacted by an illness or an injury, making long-term disability insurance more important than ever before. A CEO who once would have devoted one afternoon a week to playing golf, hosting long business luncheons and enjoying a leisurely pace of decision making in the 1950s would be out of a job in less than two minutes today.

Many long-term disability insurance disputes, in both the ERISA appeals process as well as litigation, involve the use of outdated or incomplete occupational guidelines by insurance companies. We often find ourselves reading occupational handbooks that date back several decades, with descriptions of occupations that no longer exist or that have changed dramatically since they were published.

We have represented many different occupations. Each occupation presents its own challenges.

We have represented various medical professionals, including:

Clients Choose Us Because We:

  • Have recovered $200M+ for our clients.
  • Have seen your situation before.
  • Are aggressive in our approach.
  • Know the tactics used by the insurance companies.
  • Hold high AV Ratings & received the Super Lawyers designation each year.

We have represented various financial professionals such as:

  • Accountants
  • Financial Analysts
  • Auditors
  • Equity Floor Traders
  • CPAs
  • Personal Financial Advisors

Executives have also made up a significant portion of our clientele, including:

We have also represented clients in a number of other professions, such as:

Here is what one medical professional had to say about working with Jason Newfield:
“I purchased a disability insurance policy years ago never really expecting to need it. Unfortunately I developed some health issues that prevented me from continuing to practice in my medical sub-specialty. I decided to make a claim on my insurance. I expected some push-back from the insurer, so on the advice of my attorney sister-in-law not to try to pursue the claim on my own, I sought out an attorney with expertise in disability insurance claims. I hired Mr. Newfield. He was very helpful, throughout the claims process which to me seemed like an obstacle course with numerous forms and documentation to prepare, as well as communicating with the insurance company on my behalf. He returned my calls and emails promptly and succinctly. He has been patient with me and polite and respectful. He was up front regarding his fees and what I could expect from him. His advice and counsel has been invaluable.” Anonymous

We Represent All Professions Nationwide

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