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Heart Attack
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Heart Attack Disability Claims

A heart attack is a life-changing experience. A heart attack occurs when the blood flow that normally brings oxygen to the heart’s muscles is cut off, usually because of a blockage of the coronary arteries. Without blood flow, the heart muscle is starved for oxygen, and at a certain point, the muscles of the heart are damaged or actually die. When that happens, a person experiences a heart attack.

The severity of the heart attack can range from a vague flu-like feeling to feeling like an elephant is standing on your chest.

Women present different symptoms than men and very often are undiagnosed.

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Some of the issues facing people who file a disability insurance claim due to a heart attack are that people have different levels of damage, the damage occurs in different locations in the heart, and everyone heals differently. For some people, surgery may be necessary, and there are many different types of surgical procedures, depending on the injury to the heart and arteries.

While some people are able to return to work afterward, others are never able to return to work. The wide range of severity of heart attacks is one reason why disability insurance companies may consider your claim to be questionable and seek to obtain more documentation or request invasive medical examinations.

If you have filed a disability insurance claim because of a heart attack and the disability insurance company is questioning your medical condition or denying your claim, speak with an experienced disability attorney at the law firm of Frankel & Newfield. We have represented countless claimants who have had a heart attack, and we know what the insurance companies are looking for and how to attack their denial, fight back on an appeal, or take them to court if necessary.

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