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Diabetes Disability Insurance Claims

Millions of Americans live with diabetes, going to work and managing their disease through a balance of medication and diet. But not everyone has that option. Diabetes is a medical condition in which a person’s level of blood sugar is elevated because the pancreas do not produce enough insulin, or the insulin is not working correctly to help the body absorb glucose.

The complications that result from diabetes include neuropathy in the feet (numbness, tingling and nerve pain), kidney disease, heart disease, blindness, and stroke. Poor circulation, known more formally as peripheral arterial disease (PAD), is another effect of diabetes. The flow of blood to the feet and legs is significantly reduced, which causes many diabetics to need a foot or a leg amputated.

Disability insurance companies are not fond of diabetes claims, as this disease is progressive. At some point, it is understood that a person with diabetes will likely need to file a short- or long-term disability claim.

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A disability claim based on a diagnosis of diabetes is not an easy one. The reason for the disability is not so much the diabetes but the complications that result from the diabetes. For example, if your vision has been impaired and you cannot perform the tasks of your occupation, like performing surgery, performing a rapid analysis of data as an anesthesiologist or working as an architect, your “own occupation” disability policy should provide your family with the replacement income. But the disability insurance company may have other ideas.You will need to be able to prove to the disability insurance company that the side effects of the diabetes have become severe enough that it has impacted your ability to perform your job. Your claim would not be for diabetes, but for peripheral neuropathy or kidney failure.

At Frankel & Newfield, we work closely with your treating physician, in this case an endocrinologist, to ensure that your medical records will substantiate your disability claim. Our firm has represented many diabetic claimants and we understand the challenges that your claim will face.  If you have received notification that your claim has been denied, be advised that there are strict limits on how much time you have to appeal your claim. If you fail to respond within that time, you may permanently lose your ability to file an appeal.

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