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Dercum’s Disease
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Dercum's Disease Disability Claim

The law firm of Frankel & Newfield has worked with many individuals who suffer from unusual and rare conditions, and that includes Dercum’s disease. Also known as Anders disease or adiposis dolorosa, this is a rare condition characterized by multiple painful growths of fatty tissue that grow just below the skin. The tumors are mostly seen in the torso, upper arms or upper legs, but they can also grow throughout the body, and there is no cure. This is a debilitating disease, as the pain from the tumors can occur only at certain times or be constant. The condition can be associated with other health issues, including congestive heart failure, myxedema, joint pain, paroxysmal flushing episodes, tumors, hypertension, headaches, and nosebleeds.

This is a devastating condition, and people with Dercum’s disease are in too much pain to be able to focus on performing the tasks of their jobs. There is no cure for the disease, and the only treatment is to address one symptom at a time. Tumors can be removed through surgery, and medication is used to manage pain.

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If you are suffering from Dercum’s disease, you know that there is no standard criteria for diagnosing the disease. Your treating physician may begin by ruling out other diseases, like fibromyalgia or lipedema. A biopsy may be done of one of the lipomas. People with Dercum’s disease usually work with pain management specialist and mental health professionals. Be aware that if you are fighting for a disability claim, one of the tactics of the long-term disability company may be to reclassify your claim as one for a mental/nervous condition. This is done to try to limit the length of your benefit period. Frankel & Newfield has worked with several Dercum’s claimants, so we are familiar with the condition and how the disability insurance companies respond to Dercum’s disease disability claims.

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