Coronary Dysfunction Disability Claims

Also known as coronary microvascular dysfunction, coronary dysfunction is a term used to describe a number of coronary condition where small vessels in the heart create chest pain, a feeling of weakness, fluttering, or an irregular or rapid heartbeat. Coronary Microvascular Disease (MVD) is described by the American Heart Association as “small artery disease or small vessel disease” where the walls and inner lining of tiny coronary artery blood vessels that branch out from the larger coronary arteries.

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Coronary microvascular disease, which is sometimes referred to as Cardiac syndrome X and Nonobstructive coronary heart disease, is seen more often in women than in men, and often is first noticed with the presence of angina, chest pain, shortness of breath, trouble sleeping, fatigue or a general lack of energy.

Coronary MVD can be a challenging condition for a disability insurance claim. The symptoms and severity can vary, and the standard tests for coronary heart disease (CHD) will not detect MVD. If the doctor diagnoses you with coronary MVD, your disability insurance company may challenge your claim, saying the condition is not so serious as to prevent you from working.

Frankel & Newfield has represented many clients with coronary MVD at various stages of the claim. If possible, we encourage claimants to contact our office at 877-583-2524 before filing a disability insurance claim so that we can help ensure that your medical records will support your claim as well as possible. If you have already filed a claim and have been denied, we can fight in an aggressive appeal. There may be time constraints if your claim has been denied, so we urge you not to wait and call our office as soon as possible.

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