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Chronic Stress
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Chronic Stress Disability Claim

Chronic stress is an actual condition that can be extremely harmful to your mind and your body. It is a part of human physiology to respond to perceived physical threats. For most people today, actual physical threats are uncommon, but the body responds to the stress of contemporary life with a “fight or flight” response that includes releasing stress hormones into the body, raising the blood pressure and elevating the heart rate, among other responses. Over time, these physiological changes take their toll and the body and the mind have difficulty distinguishing between a real threat and an imagined threat.

Chronic stress can lead to anxiety, depression, heart disease, memory and concentration impairment, digestive issues, sleep problems and weight gain. It can impact negatively other conditions you may also have.

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If chronic stress is making it difficult for you to perform the tasks and duties of your occupation, you may be considering filing a short- or long-term disability claim. Chronic stress, like many other mental nervous claims, raises a red flag for disability insurance companies. To learn more about chronic stress, visit the American Psychological Association.

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