Why were my long term disability benefits denied?

This is the question we hear the most from people who contact Frankel & Newfield about their long term disability insurance claim. They can’t imagine how anyone, even the coldest-hearted insurance claims adjuster, could possibly look at their medical records and not understand why they can’t work. People call us when they are frustrated and…
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Can I Use an Online Legal Service for Long Term Disability Insurance Claims?

Maybe the better question is not “can you use an online legal website for an LTD claim,” but “should you?” As experienced disability lawyers with more than thirty years of combined experience, we have witnessed many changes to the legal environment, including the increasing use of online legal services. Today you can use a legal…
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Legal Vs. Factual Disability Claims Issue Explained in Dentist’s Money Digest

Another article in our series on dentists and disability insurance claims has been published in Dentist’s Money Digest, “Legal vs. Factual Disability: Complications Caused by Disciplinary Action.” Disability attorney and author Jason Newfield discusses the problems that arise when a professional is involved with a disciplinary action from the governmental agency that oversees their licensing.…
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