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Why Are Doctors And Dentists Long Term Disability Claims Frequently Denied?

Friday, January 20th, 2017

If you are a doctor or dentist whose LTD claim has been denied, you are likely wondering why you bought the long term disability insurance policy in the first place. After all, you did the right thing to protect your income, your family and your lifestyle. So why is your claim being denied?

Doctors, dentists and other high-income earners all face the same fundamental problem when it comes to filing a claim for disability: the level of their benefits is high, the cost to the insurance company is high, and so is the level of scrutiny directed towards their claim. The insurance company is a for-profit entity seeking to minimize liability. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t fight back.

Here are the top problems we see for high-income earners regarding their claims:

Expectations. You expect the LTD company to pay a claim in much the same way that your homeowner’s policy is paid. If you are with a good insurance company, you have experienced “white glove” treatment and thought you’d get this from the disability insurance company also.

Accustomed to being self-directed. As a professional in a practice, whether you are an owner or an employee, you are used to running the show. Now you are at the mercy of a series of clerks, adjusters and third-party subcontractors who have your financial fate in their hands. It’s not a comfortable feeling.

An intrusive process. Long term disability claims are document intensive, and often the requests feel intrusive – because they are. Your medical records are bad enough – but the request for financials is aggravating.

Medical records that were not properly prepared for an LTD claim lead to frustration. Medical records that support an LTD claim are not the same as regular medical records. The claims adjuster or third-party reviewer is more interested in knowing what material tasks of your profession cannot be performed than in the diagnosis. That seems counter-intuitive to the function of medical records, but when it comes to an LTD claim, a lot of things don’t make sense.

Frankel & Newfield represents medical professionals, doctors, dentists and high-income earners with Long Term Disability Insurance Claims. A large percentage of the clients represented by disability lawyers Frankel & Newfield are professionals with LTD policies that they purchased as individuals, also known as private or IDI policies. We are accustomed to the economic concerns that go along with battling the insurance companies, and the strain that this puts on our clients.

Here’s a recent testimonial:

After a lot of research, I hired Jason to act as my attorney against my insurance company who had unfairly withdrawn my disability payments. I had been impressed by the reviews that I had read about him and the cases he had won previously. I was not disappointed!

From the beginning, Jason was highly professional, informative and his attention to every detail gave me the utmost confidence that we could be successful. Mine was a complex case, involving a lot of medical information and data which proved no problem for him.

The case ran for almost a year and finally in December we were informed that the insurance company had overturned their decision and would resume payments. I simply cannot recommend Jason or his assistant Christina highly enough, as without them and their expert knowledge of the law and understanding of the complexities case, I could have never won and got back what was legally and fairly owed to me.

If your disability claim has been denied or terminated, call Frankel & Newfield at 877-LTD-CLAIM (877-583-2524) today. Bear in mind that there are strict time limits on LTD claims, and delays may have a serious impact on your claim.

Jason A. Newfield

Written By:

Jason A. Newfield - Disability Insurance Attorney

Jason Newfield is a founding partner of the disability insurance law firm Frankel & Newfield. He has spent the majority of his legal career advocating for the rights of disabled workers. He has lectured other professionals, worked on a Federal Advisory committee, and published many articles in the field of disability insurance claims and litigation.

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