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Orthopedic LTD Claims — When You Can’t Work

At our law firm, we often represent claimants seeking long-term disability benefits under their disability insurance policies after sustaining orthopedic injuries or diseases that prevent them from performing the tasks of their jobs  These kinds of impairments require comprehensive medical evaluation and detailed documentation so insurance claim examiners have all the medical evidence they need […]

Pogue V. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company – Licensed Professionals Be Warned

A recent case heard in the appellate court of Tennessee sends a chilling message to physicians or any licensed professionals who need to file a claim on their disability policies and have licensing issues which may impact their continued ability to practice. Dr. Pogue, a physician who practiced in Nashville, Tennessee, owned three private disability […]

Backing up Fibromyalgia disability claims

A diagnosis of fibromyalgia immediately sends up a red flag to disability insurance company claims adjusters and third party administrators. That’s because fibromyalgia has long been considered a condition by insurance companies, and not an illness. If you live with fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), you know that these diseases can make even the […]

Short Term Impact of Tax Reform May Be Bad for ERISA Disability Insurance Claims

At first glance, a lowered corporate tax rate would seem to be a boon to large insurance companies. Experts expect that it will, in the long-term, but in the short term, there will be some belt-tightening to occur, and we predict that ERISA disability claimants will be the ones to feel the pinch first. As […]

Professionals and Executives Filing Disability Claims

A serious diagnosis of any kind of disease and the prospect of a life-changing chronic condition is a challenge for anyone. But for an executive or professional whose identity is wrapped up in their work, the emotional aspect of becoming disabled can be as tough as the physical aspects. Type “A” personalities who gain a […]


A recent decision by a Federal Judge in North Carolina supports such a line of thinking. Here, the Court determined that Aetna failed to properly consider subjective evidence (a common theme of Aetna), as well as providing “scant attention” to the supportive medical evidence. Here, the claimant, a commercial pilot, was suffering from significant orthopedic […]

6 of the most common reasons for a long-term disability

Unfortunately, a lot of people never think about disabilities until they strike. You probably spent years hoping it wouldn’t happen to you, and it never did. Now that’s all changed. Are you ready? Do you know how to proceed? This can turn into a tough process when dealing with insurance companies and medical professionals, and […]

The differences between short- and long-term disability policies

Many employers offer disability insurance as part of their sponsored insurance program. Workers may feel confused about the fact that there are both short-term disability policies, as well as long-term disability policies. Do people really need both? How do they differ? These are common questions, and understanding the answers can help you appreciate the value […]

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