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Our Clients Say It Best


Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Our Clients Say It Best – And We Say Thank You For Letting Us Help

During the many years that we have been practicing long-term disability insurance law, we have met a lot of people, in all occupations and from everywhere across the country. The one thing they share in common is being put into a terrible financial position at the same time they are facing a serious, life-changing health crisis.

This client, a chiropractor from New York, came to us after experiencing the worst of an insurance company for an entire year. We took his case and went to work and we are pleased that he is now able to focus on taking care of himself and his family.

Basically, As I found out, the insurance companies do everything to find a contract stipulation or unreasonable arbitrary excuse or reason NOT accept a claim for disability. While I can barely even function physically in any capacity, in addition to not being able to work, my insurance company was so happy to use my weak physical condition and worn down emotional state to take advantage of me and further wear me down with perpetual delays and unreasonable never ending requests for documentation. After a full calendar year of complete emotional and physical exhaustion trying to deal with my carrier basically ignoring and delaying, all while getting every excuse and requests from them, I was at a point where I was ready to give up since I saw no hope.

Well, Mr Frankel took over and with incredible energy-vigor, his strong motivation and his great experience was able to get my claim accepted and paid after a short period of time. I was in utter shock when he phoned me to tell me the claim was approved. I actually did not believe it until the payments came, thats how skeptical and worn down and exhausted I was from dealing with the insurance company.

I cannot thank and recommend Mr Frankel enough. I am so grateful. He truly knows the “ropes” since he ONLY practices disability law.

The law firm is honest, sympathetic and all their fees were very reasonable.

They were a godsend.