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Don’t let applying for long-term disability overwhelm you

Sometimes a person suffers from an ailment that will keep them from being able to work for a long time. While that person may ultimately want to go back to work, they will need some way to meet their financial obligations while they are disabled. This is when having a long-term disability insurance policy can be important. The following are some tips for those who are facing the prospect of applying for long-term disability benefits.

First of all, before submitting a claim for benefits, it can help to review one’s long-term disability insurance policy. A person will want to make sure they understand all the deadlines they will have to meet. This includes deadlines for submitting the claim, deadlines for providing medical records and deadlines for appealing a denial of benefits if necessary. It is also important to understand how one’s policy defines disability. A person will also want to make sure they know what their waiting period is — that is, the amount of time that must go by before a person can claim benefits. Finally, a person will want to know if there are any exclusions in their policy, such as those for preexisting conditions or substance abuse.

Second, don’t wait to apply for benefits. This is because the process is not automatic. It can take two months or more for a person’s application for benefits to be processed.

In addition, a person will want to make sure they round up all the necessary documents that their doctor will need to file out before the person can file for benefits. A person may also need to submit their medical records. It is important to look over these documents before filing for benefits, to make sure there are no mistakes.

Also, it is a good idea to keep comprehensive records of one’s disability claim. A person should retain a copy of each document they submit to their insurer, along with how the document was submitted. This way, a person can keep track of the progress of their application for benefits.

Long-term disability benefits are often the financial life-line a person needs to get by if they are disabled and unable to work for an extended period of time. However, applying for such benefits can be overwhelming. Fortunately, attorneys are available to help clients apply for benefits and appeal a denied claim if necessary.

Source: Council For Disability Awareness, “Tips on Filing a Long-Term Disability Claim,” Accessed Dec. 10, 2017

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