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What does short-term disability cover and when does it kick in?

short term disability

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

It is known to most that workplace accidents in Garden City and nationwide can injure or kill workers, but the scope of the problem may surprise some. According to the AFL-CIO, as many as 150 workers lose their lives while at work each day, and annually there are between 7.4 million to 11.1 million workers who are injured on-the-job. In fact, the Council for Disability Awareness reports that one-quarter of workers in their 20s will suffer a disability before retiring.

So, if a person suffers a sudden injury or illness, it could mean missed time away from work, and missed wages which are desperately needed to afford their medical expenses and other bills. For this, reason it is best to be prepared for the chance that one could suffer a disability. One way to be prepared is through a short-term disability policy.

Short-term disability provides payments in the amount of a certain percentage of a person’s wages for a certain time period if, due to an injury or illness, the policyholder cannot work. Usually they cover anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of the policyholder’s wages, and coverage in general might commence anywhere from one day to two weeks after the policyholder is rendered unable to work. Coverage might last anywhere from nine to 52 weeks.

Sometimes, a worker must utilize his or her sick days before he or she will be allowed to take advantage of his or her short-term disability benefits. Short-term disability policies are often paid for by the worker’s employer. In fact, in New York and several other states, short-term disability coverage is required.

This is only a very basic overview of short-term disability. Those who have questions about their short-term disability policies or have had a claim for benefits denied are encouraged to bring the matter up to their attorney.

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