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September 2017 Archives

Why thinking about potential problems is important when preparing a disability claim

A lot can be at stake for an individual when filing a disability insurance claim. Now, when it comes to issues that could heavily impact their future, individuals may not like to think about the possibility of things going wrong. So, when getting ready to file a disability claim, a person may be tempted to just stay focused on the best-case scenario.

Did medical records play a part in your disability claim denial?

You've carried long-term disability insurance to protect yourself and your family from poverty in the event of a catastrophic accident or serious medical issue, such as a stroke. After years of paying for coverage, you found yourself in need of your policy. Whether it was a car accident or a sudden medical event, adjusting to permanent disability can take time. Unfortunately, getting medical help and making your home accessible are expensive.

Can you lose ERISA benefits for working another job?

You have a medical condition that made you unable to continue working in the same career you once did. For some people, a disability can start as a repetitive stress injury. For other people, disability can begin in an instant with a traumatic injury of some sort. When you become unable to work your job because of an illness or injury, your long-term disability insurance helps protect you against poverty. However, many long-term disability options include clauses that limit what you can do once your claim for benefits gets approved. In some cases, you may not be able to work any job in the future.

Will the salary exemption affect holiday workers this year?

U.S. retailers will soon hire tens of thousands of temporary workers for the holidays. While many will be hourly employees, low-level managers will likely be affected by a recent federal court ruling. Essentially, these employees may not enjoy the possibility of mandatory overtime pay under federal law.

When is the best time to file a long term disability insurance claim?

Figuring out when to file a long term disability insurance claim is not as simple as you might think. If your disability insurance policy is part of your benefits package at work, you might have to exhaust your short term disability coverage first. If you have a private disability insurance policy, there may be a window of time that elapses between the time you visit your doctor and file a claim and when benefits may be paid to you.

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