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What Happens When You File a Disability Claim Online?


Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Filing a disability claim online is not like placing an order with Zappos, although there are some similarities. Just like big online retailers, insurance companies spend millions to make their online processes seamless, easy to navigate and as pleasant an experience as possible. But unlike Zappos, there are built-in pitfalls to the disability claims process that may not be readily apparent to the average person.

Long before there were online claims, there were paper forms that were also loaded with potential pitfalls. The biggest difference today? The uninformed, inexperienced person filing a disability claim online can get themselves into trouble far faster than when the forms were paper documents.

Cigna has a sleek, modern website for policy owners and soothing language: “Submitting claims electronically is an easy way to lower costs, increase accuracy and get paid faster.” We agree with the first page – electronically submitted claims definitely lower the cost to Cigna. As for accuracy, we’re not convinced. Most people are not familiar with the vast amount of paperwork necessary for a successful claim. Medical records may not be easily at hand, and they may not accurately reflect the information that the disability insurance company is really looking for when they review a file.

As for getting paid faster, one visit to the Consumer Affair’s dedicated Cigna Disability Insurance page provides a chilling picture of the challenges faced by disabled individuals when it comes to their disability claims. The reasons for the rejections vary, but from the posts you can tell that these people are not malingerers, they are people with serious disabilities who are simply trying to obtain benefits from their disability insurance company. The level of difficulty they encounter is appalling.

These situations are why we recommend that anyone preparing to file a claim online by themselves proceed with great care and caution. What seems to be a streamlined process on a great looking website may turn out to be a minefield where a few keystrokes could make the difference between receiving regular monthly benefit checks and a battle with an insurance bureaucracy that could take years to resolve.

Call our office at 877-LTD-CLAIM (877-583-524) to learn how we can help. Be aware that there are strict time limits throughout the process and it is possible to lose the right to appeal your claim forever. To learn more, download our free ebook, written by Frankel & Newfield to help you better understand the disability insurance claim process.