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Guardian Disability Insurance Terminates Benefits, Frankel & Newfield Wins Appeal


Monday, August 29th, 2016

Initially diagnosed with inferior left inguinal lymphoma, our client had terrible side effects from radiation therapy. He was also diagnosed with a neurocognitive disorder and severe cognitive dysfunction, and suffered from numerous co-morbid conditions.

He was not able to perform the necessary duties required of a Director of Finance at a large not-for-profit workforce development organization in New York City.

For two years, Guardian Life paid his monthly disability insurance benefits.

Although there was no corresponding change in his medical records or in the opinions provided by his treating physicians, Guardian began a review of his claim and subsequently terminated his benefits. He retained Frankel & Newfield to fight for him with an ERISA appeal that would reinstate his disability claim. The tactics were ones we have come up against many times.……. Click here to read more