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Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

Our client is a 63 year old resident of North Carolina who had been a Senior Specialist Application Support for an international financial institution.

He contacted us after Prudential had denied his claim for long term disability benefits.

After submitting an exhaustive appeal containing evidence of our client’s chronic low back and muscle pain resulting from failed back surgery syndrome, sciatica and degenerative disc disease, Prudential overturned their decision and began benefit payments.

For seven months, our client was on claim and it appeared that he was set.

Then he received a second notice of termination of claim from Prudential. This time, not only was Prudential terminating his claim, but they directed him to refund all of the money that had been paid to him.

Their demand was based on a belief that our client was receiving a pension, which they claimed offset the monies that were paid to him.

Once again, we appealed the decision and demonstrated that our client never took receipt of the pension funds and that the decision to seek repayment was erroneous. Our client now is receiving the benefits that he deserves.