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Does Your Position Require a Lot of Travel?


Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

Here’s the problem with travel and long term disability insurance claims: as far as the disability insurance company is concerned, whether your position requires that you spend 30% of your time in the air (or, more typically, in the airport lounge) or 60% of your time traveling, any claim that states that travel is a material and substantive task of your job will be challenged.

We all know about the rise of video conferencing, but when a senior management position involves supervising employees at multiple sites or meeting with regional clients to maintain relationships, nothing replaces the impact of a “face-to-face.”

Until we have a working prototype of a teleportation machine, executive and employees of all levels will still need to travel from headquarters to regional offices and to meet with clients in cities around the world. And travel is not something done easily when there are physical limitations.

This is particularly true for claimants with orthopedic injuries, where the physical task of getting to the airport, dealing with TSA lines, carrying luggage, moving throughout the airport, boarding the plan, remaining seated and disembarking from a commercial flight is a lot more strenuous than for an able-bodied person.

We have represented many claimants whose ability to work was compromised by their inability to travel. One suffered from debilitating migraine and cluster headaches that made frequent travel impossible. Click here to learn how we were successful in fighting his denial.