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Yes, Virginia, there is a Grinch


Friday, December 18th, 2015

In September 1897, Virginia O’Hanlon wrote a letter to The New York Sun asking “Is there a Santa Claus?” The story is ingrained in our holiday traditions, and every year newspapers write editorials and updates to the story. But we have a slightly different twist, as you can tell from the headline above.

One Twitter post tells the story – Joe Merlino, a cancer survivor who tweets at @Jbmlv702Joe – reports that Cigna cut off his benefits three weeks before Christmas. According to his Twitter feed, Joe has a rare form of cancer, has undergone six surgeries and was told by someone at Cigna to find a job sorting envelopes. Joe’s tweets have generated some buzz on Twitter and we hope that there will be a response from Cigna.

Joe is not alone. Many others have had their long term disability benefits cut off within the last three weeks. This is simply the time of month when the insurance companies send out their notices of termination. There is no regard for the holiday season and the impact that their termination will have on their families. Rather, insurance companies are seeking to close out the year 2015 with better financials, and additional claim terminations or denials will help them achieve their goals.

And Joe makes a good point about the profits generated by Cigna. $34.9 billion profits in 2014, reported in Modern Healthcare in February 2015. That’s a truckload of money.

When you consider how many long term disability insurance claimants contact our firm because they have had their benefits delayed, denied or terminated, it makes one wonder whether there are any humans at this company, or if disability claims are being processed only by software.

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