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Holiday Season is Bonus Season – How Long Can You Hang On?

We know. We have heard the stories many times over. Hard working men and women who are doing everything they can to continue working until the end of the year. They cannot afford to pass up the chance that a holiday bonus will help tide them over the first few months of filing a claim for long term disability insurance. So they load up on pain relievers, or just grit their teeth and tough it out.

If this describes your situation, we have a few suggestions.

Make an appointment to speak with our office. Take advantage of our free consultations to get an unbiased view of your long term disability insurance situation. How likely are you to face a challenge to your claim? Where are the weak spots in your claim? Is there something about your situation that should be addressed before you file?

Gather your information in an organized fashion. This means everything from finding the original contract for your disability insurance policy to all of your medical bills and reports. When dealing with this task, which feels overwhelming and frankly, is not how anyone wants to spend their free time, consider that you are preparing to defend your case. Having all of your paperwork in order can be an empowering first step in getting ready to fight back.

Check your social media habits. We hope that you are not posting on Facebook, Instagram, Vines, Periscope, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, etc. If you are, it’s time to stop. We’ve been telling clients and our readers for years that social media posts can and will be used by insurance companies when they begin to investigate your claims.

Check your private digital communications. If they are not already, your emails may soon become available as evidence for disability insurance companies. Consider what you send to friends, colleagues, even family members as possible evidence in your case. You may consider these personal communications, but when an investigation is started, your photo stream of hiking through the Costa Rican jungle or camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains may doom your claim.

If, despite your significant impairment, you are trying to make it to the end of the year, call our office 877-LTD-CLAIM (877-583-2524) for a free phone consultation.

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