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Oh My Aching Back! Trends In The Disability Lawyers Office

Regular readers of this blog know that we like to keep our eyes and ears open to trends in the disability insurance law area. We read the latest reports that are positioned quite skillfully by the large insurance companies as well as legal publications and websites, but there’s one source that we know is always accurate.

Those are the phone calls that come into our office.

Lately we are hearing two major trends: the first is an increase in the number of orthopedic disabilities in men and women in their late 50s, and the second is a jump in calls about Aetna disability insurance denials.

The increase in calls on orthopedic claims is intriguing. It may be a function of demographics, as the later waves of Baby Boomers are reaching their late 50s, and back pain is more common in older populations. Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the Global Burden of Disease.

We have represented many claimants suffering from back injuries, including Failed Back Syndrome, also known as FBSS. It’s not really a syndrome, but a term used to describe the condition of patients who have had spinal surgery but have had no relief from their back pain. Doctors typically order a spinal MRI, which reveals scar tissue at the site of the surgery. It should be noted that some patients have these scars and no pain, while others suffer from the same pain as before the surgery. It is also possible that the patient underwent surgery for a back problem when the source of the pain was not the site of the surgery.

The second wave of calls concerns Aetna Disability Insurance denials and terminations. We know that insurance companies do not send out one denial or termination at a time; usually they send out letters in large mailings. Often we can tell by our phone calls which company is sending out these letters on a regular basis. Some choose the first Tuesday of the month, while others prefer to send the letters later in the month.

If you have received a letter from your insurance company denying your claim or terminating your benefits, for any condition, give our office a call to learn how an experienced long term disability insurance law firm can help you and your family.

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