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Jason Newfield Lectures at Disability Insurance Conference


Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Jason Newfield recently lectured for the American Conference Institute (ACI), on Disability Insurance Claims and Litigation. His presentation was entitled “Subjective Disorders: Objective Proof of Non-Visible Conditions.” This marks the Fifth consecutive year Mr. Newfield has been an invited speaker at ACI.

Mr. Newfield collaborated with Dr. Mark Levy on this project, and offered their opinions and discussion regarding the medical and legal aspects of subjective claims, including claims for Depression, Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Lyme Disease.

Some of the areas covered in Mr. Newfield’s lecture included paper reviews by physicians hired by insurance companies and how courts have treated such action, particularly in mental health claims, a discussion about the propriety of requiring objective evidence to support claims that are largely subjective in nature, and cases addressing reviews by doctors who do not believe a particular condition could ever be impairing and how courts have viewed such situations.

A lively discussion followed, as the Conference is attended by colleagues on both sides including in house counsel, claim personnel, and outside counsel, along with plaintiff counsel from around the country.

Other topics of interest at the ACI conference included vocational reviews and strategies, a panel about mediation and settlement, attacking and interpreting IMEs, and FCEs, the nature and scope of discovery in ERISA cases, and a discussion about the use of surveillance. In addition, there was a lengthy panel involving a number of judges from around the country, to discuss some of the hot trends and issues involved in ERISA litigation of disability insurance claims.

As one of the leaders in litigating disability insurance claims around the country, Mr. Newfield is proud to be a regular part of the ACI program.