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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

As disability insurance lawyers with decades of experience, we have spoken to people from every walk of life, in every economic level and every type of disability. The information our callers share with us is often heartbreaking.

Many families who were already living on the edge of financial security lose their homes. Often the disabling illness or injury is so stressful that even the strongest individuals become clinically depressed or frozen by anxiety. Marriages are tested by the double pressure of living with a disability and financial pressures, and some do not withstand the test.

This is not new to us – but it may be new to you.

We hope that knowing that you are not alone in your experience, your frustration and your fears may provide you with a little bit of comfort. It won’t solve the serious problems that you are facing, but sometimes knowing that there are others in your situation can be helpful.

There are resources available, both on the web and in your area that may also be helpful. Many of our clients visit online disability forums to find a sense of community. We occasionally respond to questions, and sometimes we agree with other professionals on the forums, sometimes we do not.

If you have an illness, there is likely to be a support group for you. This is no time to be shy – when these groups are good, they can be tremendous sources of support and information. Your occupation may also be the basis for a support group, whether you are a professional or a blue collar worker. There are probably regional agencies in your immediate area – Y’s, houses of worship, Kiwanis and others – who may be able to help.

If you’ve been to our website, you’ve seen our tagline – “You’re not in this alone.”

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