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Hi-Limit Disability Insurance


Friday, June 21st, 2013

Hi-Limit DI is the term used to describe disability insurance designed for high-income employees.

Insurance agents (and long term disability insurance attorneys) understand that high income earners who wish to protect their lifestyle and assets need more than one disability insurance policy.

Supplemental disability insurance policies are used to fill in the income gaps of a group LTD plan. These are policies used to structure a more comprehensive disability insurance plan for high-income individuals.

A more complete disability plan recommended for high income employees and business owners includes the group plan, an individual non-cancelable policy that provides coverage up to age 65, and a supplemental policy that can bring income replacement level of benefits up even higher.

For C-level executives, business owners and highly compensated employees, designing and executing a disability insurance plan should be part of an overall financial plan.

Our firm recognizes the importance and value of disability insurance. After all, we have chosen to dedicate our careers and daily energies to ensuring that our clients receive the benefits that they paid for.

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