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Chiropractic Economics Includes Frankel & Newfield In Resource Guide


Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

We were very proud to learn that our firm was included in a resource guide published in the November edition of Chiropractic Economics.

Over the years, we have published several articles in Chiropractic Economics about disability insurance and they have always been well received. Many of our clients are chiropractors, who unfortunately suffer from the long-term effects of a very physical job.

It’s ironic that the chiropractor, whose career is dedicated to keeping their patients healthy and well, often faces long term health challenges from the techniques of their profession. Bending and twisting, while applying force, often at awkward angles, can lead to neck, shoulder, back and arm problems.

When it becomes too painful to practice, many professionals transition into other related fields, like office management or teaching. However, their disability insurance policies should be paying benefits, partial or total, as the policies insure the chiropractor’s ability to function as a chiropractor. It’s not just semantics- its dollars and cents.

If you are a chiropractor and have been trying to keep working despite suffering pain or injury, call our office. We have represented many chiropractors in filing disability insurance claims, and would be happy to speak with you about your particular situation.