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Friday, July 29th, 2011

In the “we told you so” department, this news story from a woman from Canada who was on claim for anxiety and depression but attended a Chippendale’s party and climbed a nearby mountain. How did the insurance company learn what she was up to? Easy – the woman posted photos of both events on Facebook.

This is not new, and we hate to repeat our own posts, but we keep learning about people who are surprised at finding their public lives a matter of public record. If you are on claim, if you are considering a disability claim, or if you would prefer that your activities not be known or visible to the general public, then keep your activities off line. It’s that simple.

We also know being out on a disability claim, particularly an anxiety and depression claim, does not mean that you should not conduct “normal” social activities. It’s entirely likely that this woman was told to try to engage in regular activities, and that she found some relief in doing so. An anxiety and depression diagnosis should not mean claimants should live in the cellar and never see the light of day.

But a word to the wise – don’t give the insurance company a reason to deny your claim. They are perfectly good at finding their own reasons.