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Hartford Study Finds That Most American Workers Do Not Have Disability Insurance


Friday, June 10th, 2011

Regardless of the challenges presented by disability insurance companies to claimants, disability insurance is something that everyone who works for a living should have. During the course of a working life, the likelihood of becoming disabled is higher than the likelihood of dying.

A recent study related by The Hartford, a major disability insurance company, shows a dramatic decline in the number of Americans who lack either short-term or long term disability insurance. Exactly 49% of workers carry short-term disability insurance, while fewer (44%) possess long-term disability insurance, The Hartford’s research found. The decline is likely a result of a tough economy which has forced both employers and their employees to cut costs.

The majority of American workers lack either short-term or long-term disability insurance, and just 25% of workers completely understand the offerings, according to a new study. Only 25% of workers completely understand disability insurance.

The problem is this: 2 million Americans a year become disabled through an illness or an injury, and disability insurance is supposed to serve as a financial safety net. That’s why our disability insurance legal practice is so busy – the safety net for the disabled worker is too valuable to allow it to be denied or delayed without a hard fight.

If you have disability insurance but you don’t understand it and are considering filing a claim, or if you have been denied disability benefits or your claim is being delayed, call our office to learn how we can help protect your financial safety net.