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A San Francisco based research organization, Integrated Benefits Institute, recently noted that the number of non-occupational short-term disability claims filed by employees during 2007, 2008 and 2009 were flat. The research was conducted because of IBI’s perceived a lack of accurate information about short term disability claims. Another organization, The National Business Group on Health, released a report in January that surveyed 648 midsized and large employers and found that short and long-term disability claims declined at the same time that long-term disability costs surged during these three years.

Both of these items were reported in Business Insurance magazine, with the same reporter’s byline. We have to wonder whether these studies are being generated by industry groups with their own particular agendas.

Here’s why: during these three years, the economy began to falter, then took a huge nosedive. In our experience, workers who are worried about holding on to their jobs don’t make short-term disability claims during tough times because they fear losing their jobs. Any numbers concerning short or long-term disability claims must be considered in the context of what we all know to have been an unprecedented economic environment.

Our recommendation? When you see a research report from a research group, dig deeper. Look to see who is sitting on the board of directors of the group and where the funding comes from. That may give you more insight than the results of any survey.

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