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Met Life Abuses Discretion On Fibromyalgia Claim


Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

A Federal judge has ordered Met Life to pay continuing long term disability insurance benefits to a claimant suffering from fibromyalgia, where Met Life sought to apply a limited pay period to the claim, alleging that the impairment was due to depression, rather than fibromyalgia.

The Court took issue with Met Life’s claim posture, seeking to apply the limited pay period for a mental health claim, when Met Life took this position several years after the claim had been filed, and while in litigation. The Court noted that depression is a common overlay with claims for fibromyalgia. The Court also took issue with Met Life securing a paper only review of the claim, citing to cases that have chastised insurers for these types of reviews in mental health claims.

The Court also cited to one of our recent cases, Magee v. Met Life, as authority for the proposition that Met Life was wrong to require objective evidence on a fibromyalgia claim.

These important decisions continue to chip away at longstanding arguments that insurers present in long term disability insurance claims and litigations. If your insurance company has tried to take this approach with your claim, contact our firm to see how we can fight for your rights.