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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Doubts Linger


Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

While a breakthrough was thought to perhaps be found in late 2009, when scientists linked an XMRV virus with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, last month, several papers published in the journal Retrovirus have cast that link into doubt. The result is a continuation of debate but a lack of action to help those suffering with this medical conundrum.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome causes a host of debilitating symptoms, including profound exhaustion, disordered sleep, muscle and joint pain, and significant cognitive impairment. Unfortunately, for the patient community, both in the U.S. and worldwide, the lack of a definitive link or specific cause to this medical dilemma has challenged many patients, both in securing appropriate and compassionate medical care, and in securing their entitlement to disability insurance benefits for those left unable to work due to this condition.

Despite great efforts from the advocacy community, those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have continually met with resistance from most governmental agencies, who claim to need a scientific basis in order to take further actions. Thus, those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome remain caught in the classic Catch-22.

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