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Monday, November 8th, 2010

Despite our success in reversing a denied claim for a client suffering from alcoholism and anxiety, the insurance company balked at sending benefit checks. The appeal was granted in June, but up until early November, the insurance company had only paid a portion of our client’s long overdue benefits.

After a long and contentious process, we are pleased to report that we have now finally gotten our client’s benefits up to date. The insurance company has been trying to apply technical provisions concerning the frequency of care and treatment in an effort to find a way not to pay.

This was not an easy battle. Our client sees many health care providers, although not always in the exact order that the insurance company would like to see. We began working with his mental health provider to bridge the gap in treatment with the other providers that he had seen, thereby overcoming the insurer’s technical objections to the claim.

He is currently back on claim with a regular monthly benefit as a result of our tenacity and unrelenting pursuit of his claim.

We don’t give up on our clients and their rights to receive disability insurance benefits. Time after time, this persistence has been rewarded with success for our clients and our practice.

If your disability does not follow in the exact pattern that the insurance company would like and you have been denied or payments are being delayed, call our office. We don’t give up without a fight – and this is one fight you don’t have to go alone.