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Successful Appeal Reverses Termination Of Benefits For Prudential Policyholder


Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Our client was a highly successful, high earning Financial Advisor for a prestigious investment house. Despite a long history of low back pain, our client had kept working. He refused to give up trying to relieve the pain and get his normal life back. He explored every treatment option available, undergoing multiple surgeries and the use of powerful pain medications. Nothing helped, and his condition worsened over time.

His work as a Financial Advisor required high level cognitive thinking, performing financial analysis of client assets and investment portfolios as well as developing and maintaining client relationships.

When he could no longer focus or concentrate due to the pain, and was unable to sit for more than a few moments at a time, this hard working professional was forced to recognize that he could no longer work. Upon the strong recommendation of his doctors, he stopped working and filed a claim for long term disability benefits with Prudential. His claim was immediately approved, and benefits were issued – but not for long.

After four months of benefits, Prudential abruptly terminated his claim. Our client was stunned. His condition had not improved, on the contrary, he had undergone yet another unsuccessful surgical procedure days before the termination.

Prudential denied the claim based only on a nurse review of his medical records. The reviewing nurse did not contact his treating doctors for any updated medical reports before terminating benefits.

We filed an appeal on our client’s behalf, attacking Prudential’s careless claim review. We also provided additional support from our client’s physicians, who had consistently supported his disability. We also clearly outlined the extensive duties of our client’s occupation, to prevent any question of his ability to perform the tasks of his profession.

Our approach was successful. Upon reviewing the appeal, Prudential agreed that the claim termination was made in error and reinstated our clients claim, paying all past due benefits as well.

If you have been unfairly terminated, call our office to learn how we can help. This is one battle you don’t have to fight alone.