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DISABILITY- When It Happens To You


Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

More than 30 million Americans between the ages of 21 and 64 are disabled, and more than 25 million Americans are not able to work because of a disability. As the American population continues to age, these numbers are only going to increase. Most of these people were healthy, active and functioning until they experienced serious illnesses like cancer, heart attack, diabetes or arthritis. Accidents take their toll also, and most disabling accidents are not work related.

What can you do to prevent becoming disabled? A healthy lifestyle, not smoking, regular exercise, a balanced diet and cultivating a healthy mental and emotional lifestyle are all things individuals can do that will reduce the likelihood of becoming disabled. But there is no way to truly guarantee that you will never become disabled.

If you have recently become disabled, you may be feeling overwhelmed by your disability and the financial hardship that accompanies the loss of your regular income. It seems like your disability has generated a firestorm of paperwork from doctor’s offices, hospitals, insurance companies, and the HR department from your job. The paperwork to file a disability claim is also a bit overwhelming. You are asked to provide details about your medical and work history, and it seems that the disability insurance company is gathering personal information that you may feel uncomfortable providing.

As experienced long term disability insurance lawyers, we know that these forms are made to gather information about you and your disability. They are also designed to gather information that may be used to delay or deny your claim. As you fill out the forms, bear in mind that your claim is being reviewed closely. Make sure that your primary care physician knows that you are filing a claim for disability, and ask him/her for their cooperation when it comes to sharing your medical information and filling out forms.

Many medical disabilities require a team approach – a primary care physician, a specialist, a physical therapist, a nurse practitioner. Your disability team may also need to include a long term disability insurance law firm to help you successfully navigate a disability claim. If you have any questions about filing your claim, call our offices to learn how we can help.