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Prudential Disability Insurance Policyholder – A Successful ERISA Appeal From Frankel & Newfield


Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Despite bringing in one of the insurance industry’s big guns for hire – a doctor whose practice is more focused on helping insurance companies keep a healthy bottom line than with patient care – Frankel & Newfield has won an ERISA appeal for yet another client.

The Prudential disability insurance policyholder was a Vice President with a global financial company, with a disability insurance policy commensurate with her income level. She suffers from several severe orthopedic conditions, including coccydynia and lumbar radiculopathy. She is unable to sit in a car or at a desk, and the intense pain makes it impossible for her to perform at the high levels that got her to the senior position she held.

Prudential first delayed, then denied the claim. We knew that the high dollar value of the monthly benefit was the real reason the disability insurance company was trying to stop her claim. We also knew that she could not work, and deserved the benefits in her policy. Prudential brought in an insurance doctor whose presence always signifies a serious and expensive claim. We were ready.

Effectively utilizing our client’s treating physician, we delivered a powerful rebuttal to the peer review and clearly demonstrated that our client was entitled to the benefits in her contract. Today, she is back on claim, receiving monthly checks, and we continue to manage her claim to make sure that her interests are protected.

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