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MSNBC Reports: Job Losses Send Disability Claims Soaring


Friday, December 18th, 2009

The impact that the twin forces of a deep recession and an aging boomer population is having on increasing disability claims across the country is no news to Frankel & Newfield. The phone calls and emails received in our office over the last six months are from people between a rock and a hard place. In a kinder economic environment, the workplace might have been more flexible with doctor’s appointments and more than usual sick days. Today there’s little room for employees with problems, regardless of circumstances. And once a disabled person is out of work, there are fewer opportunities, and fewer options. A formerly healthy and hardworking person who is out of work and applying for disability because of illness or an accident should not be treated like a slacker.

Frankel & Newfield does not represent clients with Social Security claims. If you have a disability claim through a plan offered by your employer or a private disability insurance policy and you are concerned about protecting your benefits, call us.