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Good Morning America Continues To Report On Outrageous Acts Of Disability Insurance Companies


Friday, November 13th, 2009

Frankel & Newfield applauds Good Morning America as one of the few news outlets reporting on the outrageous actions of disability insurance companies.

Earlier this year, GMA reported on a Florida man with Multiple Sclerosis who was told he wasn’t sick enough to collect disability benefits. The same team has revealed a case where The Hartford is trying to cut off payments to a man whose broken neck makes it impossible for him to work. Three doctors and the Social Security Administration have declared Mr. Whitten disabled. After paying a monthly benefit for five years, The Hartford hired an investigator to videotape the man and then showed the tape to Mr. and Mrs. Whitten in an attempt to intimidate them. Then, his benefits were cut off. Eight days after reporters from GMA called the company to ask about the case, his $2100 monthly payments were reinstated, and sent him a check for $45,675 for past benefits.

Frankel & Newfield has represented many policyholders who are put through the same torturous pattern: the disabled person receives benefits for a number of years, and then the insurance company seeks to shut down the claim, using a variety of techniques similar to those The Hartford used against Mr. Whitten.

Hartford is just one of many companies that utilize surveillance and other techniques to terminate claims. Claimants need to be vigilant while on claim and should consider engaging attorneys to manage the claim process to prepare for possible challenges. If you are on claim and have concerns, call our office at 1-877-LTD-CLAIM (877-583-2524).