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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

A helpful forum where policyholders and disability insurance sources meet online is www.disabilityinsuranceforums.com. We are not affiliated with the forum, but we do occasionally participate in the discussions. One common thread that we see is surprise at the callous attitude and uncaring responses of disability insurance companies and their representatives. We have been fighting insurance companies for so long that we don’t expect the insurance companies to be kind or respectful to policyholders.

Another common question concerns the amount of claims payments. Policy holders are usually content to accept whatever the insurance company decides to pay, without checking whether it is the correct amount. In some instances, the insurance companies discover an overpayment error, and the policyholders are in dire straits when they must return the funds. Other times, policyholders are stunned when they learn that the disability insurance company offsets their payments – deducts the amount that Social Security Disability pays.

Long term disability insurance claims is a complex legal insurance matter, where big companies bring all of their resources to bear on individuals struggling to manage a life-changing illness. If you are having a problem with a disability insurance claim, or are interested in negotiating a settlement, call Frankel & Newfield at 1-877-LTD-CLAIM (877-583-2524). You don’t have to go it alone.