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Hartford Policy Owners – Take Note


Friday, June 5th, 2009

If your Long Term Disability insurance policy is with Hartford, you need to know that the atmosphere in the home office is not good.

CEO Ramani Ayer has announced he is leaving by the end of December, and the man once most likely to succeed him, Thomas Marra, resigned earlier this year. Last year both the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Investment Officer both left the company. With a large exposure in financial firms, including Lehman Brothers and AIG, the company has been struggling, and is taking as much as $3.4 billion in TARP funds. Compare that news with MetLife and Prudential, who are raising capital with stock sales and bond offerings, and Travelers Cos., which has been added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Given these difficult financial times, it is likely that disability insurance claimants should expect renewed challenges to the status of their claims. if you have a long term disability insurance policy with Hartford and are concerned about what this news means to you, call our office at 877-LTD-CLAIM (877-538-2524) or click here to send an email.