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Met Life Denies Long-Term Disability Benefits And Frankel & Newfield Overturns On Appeal


Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Our client had worked as a Payroll Manager for a large advertising firm for over 17 years, when, as a result of a motor vehicle accident, she sustained a severe injury to her left foot, fracturing her left calcaneus. Despite undergoing surgery on her foot a few weeks after the accident, our client soon developed a number of other difficulties, including post traumatic subtalar joint arthritis in her left foot, which continued to cause her severe pain and discomfort. The motor vehicle accident had also aggravated an old back injury, which resulted in increased pain throughout her back. In addition, our client became severely depressed, due to the pain she was suffering and the dramatic changes in her lifestyle that had resulted from the accident.

Although our client had attempted to continue working from home following the accident, the combination of her physical and mental limitations soon overcame her ability to function in that capacity. In fact, the stress of keeping up with her job requirements was hindering her recovery. Thus, based on the recommendations of her treating physicians, our client stopped working and subsequently filed a claim for long term disability benefits with MetLife.

At that point, she came to Frankel & Newfield. We assisted in preparing an appeal of MetLife’s determination. Working closely with our client and her treating physicians, we gathered additional support for her disability from both her physical and mental conditions. The final appeal included both objective and subjective evidence of our client’s impairments, as well as medical literature describing the nature of her severe injuries. In addition, our client was approved for Social Security Disability benefits during this time, further evidence of her disability which was also incorporated into the appeal.

Based on the extensive medical, legal, and factual support provided in the appeal by Frankel & Newfield, MetLife subsequently overturned its denial, determining that our client was disabled from both her physical and mental condition and thus entitled to her long term disability benefits.