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April 2009 Archives

Met Life Denies Long-Term Disability Benefits And Frankel & Newfield Overturns On Appeal

Our client had worked as a Payroll Manager for a large advertising firm for over 17 years, when, as a result of a motor vehicle accident, she sustained a severe injury to her left foot, fracturing her left calcaneus. Despite undergoing surgery on her foot a few weeks after the accident, our client soon developed […]

Prudential Terminates Benefits And Frankel & Newfield Overturn On Appeal

Our client, a 37-year old graphic designer and creative manager for one of the world’s largest luxury goods corporations, was diagnosed with a tumor of the spinal cord that extended into the brainstem, accompanied by two cysts, one below the tumor and one above the tumor.  Our client underwent surgery to remove the tumor. After […]

Organic Brain Dysfunction Not Subject To Limited Benefit Period

Many ERISA disability policies contain a limited benefit period for impairments caused by or contributed to any mental or nervous disorder.  There has been much litigation over these issues, and one court has recently determined that organic brain dysfunction did not invoke the mental illness limitation in LINA’s policy.  Jewell v. LINA Interestingly, the court […]

Disability Insurance And Severance – Successful Claims Require Strategic Planning

Employees struggling to stay at work and perform their jobs despite illness or injury feel trapped between a rock and a hard place.  If they stop working, they won’t be able to make a claim for disability, as they will no longer be considered an “active employee,” a requirement to be eligible for coverage.  But […]

CIGNA’S Wrongful Denial Is Overturned By Frankel & Newfield

Our client worked for one of the largest hotel and timeshare corporations in the world as a Director of Sales and was responsible for over $1.5 million in revenue each year for the company. Our client went out of work in late 2008 due to morbid obesity, Dyspnea with exertion, extreme fatigue, severe obstructive sleep […]

Disability Insurance Law – Why You Can’t Do This Alone

When confusing symptoms experienced by Charles Tucker, a 48 year old accountant from Florida, were finally identified as Multiple Sclerosis, he filed a claim for disability benefits from Standard Insurance Company.  Standard didn’t deny the claim outright, but instead strung him along for five months.  Tucker obtained his medical records and was stunned to learn […]

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