Highly Experienced, Straight Shooter

After a lot of research, I hired Jason to act as my attorney against my insurance company who had unfairly withdrawn my disability payments. I had been impressed by the reviews that I had read about him and the cases he had won previously. I was not disappointed!

From the beginning, Jason was highly professional, informative and his attention to every detail gave me the utmost confidence that we could be successful. Mine was a complex case, involving a lot of medical information and data which proved no problem for him.

The case ran for almost a year and finally in December we were informed that the insurance company had overturned their decision and would resume payments. I simply cannot recommend Jason or his assistant Christina highly enough, as without them and their expert knowledge of the law and understanding of the complexities case, I could have never won and got back what was legally and fairly owed to me.

An unbidden review of JASON NEWFIELD from a Clinical Professor of Medicine and Practicing Rheumatologist of over 30 years

After a severe fall accident with complete shoulder separation (inoperable) and my third severe concussion resulting in cummulative TBI impairments that precluded continued safe patient interactions, Jason exuded the utmost professional guidance in my disability claim. I was lost without his diligent guidance in dealing and representing me as advocate for my claim. He had me sign documents that they were to deal directly with him as my representative and with memory impairments that was critical in hindsight for him to protect my rights and represent me.

He was dedicated, ethically and morally behaved with the highest of standards and very responsive to all of my needs, whether perceived by me or real challenges with the insurer who may attempt to minimize their responsibility, while collecting a large premium for 30 yrs. I never intended to retire from practice of medicine, but when accidents happen suddenly and recovery is insufficient to preclude a safe return to patient management and interaction, I can not speak highly enough nor praise his skills and caring , ready to help me emotionally and represent my best interests in the face of potential adversarial insurance industry.

I truly am grateful that he enabled me to get on with my new life and adapt to such a stressful change in my identity without feeling guilt nor shame. I have been able to re-create myself in a positive way that would have been impossible without the skills and outstanding professional guidance I received from Jason. His integrity is highly commendable and I am impressed with his skill set, having worked with many attorneys over the years on non-disability items, eg.real estate, medical practice issues, contracts, etc.

by far the best attorney I have ever known

I utilized the services of Jason Newfield for my long term disability claim. I have had experiences with other attorneys for various reasons but Jason Newfield is by far the best attorney I have ever known. He thoroughly reviewed my policies and explained them to me at our initial meeting. He explained to me each and every step that would occur throughout the process of this claim.

I always felt that he understood that this was a life changing event and I always felt like he put forth 100 percent of his efforts to do what was in my best interest. He knew the answers to every question I had and often knew the questions that I was going to ask and that the insurance companies were going to ask before they were asked. He is confident and clearly knows his line of work. He responded to every e-mail I ever sent him within an hour of sending it.

If you ever worked with an attorney before, you know that most of them don't even return your phone calls or e-mails. He even responded to my e-mail once on the weekend, and once when he was on vacation. He is professional and knowledgable. He minimized my interactions with the insurance companies which helped take away a lot of anxiety. He understood that this process was scary and carried with it a lot of uneasiness, and he was instrumental at minimizing those feelings.

I personally was in the healthcare field and his knowledge of the diagnosis I have was extremely impressive. I recommend Jason Newfield without question or reservation. Ultimately I was successful with my claim and I and my family thank Jason for his help with all of our hearts. In addition, I know of another healthcare professional who is a friend of mine who used his firm for a long term disability claim. My friend was also successful in his claim. When it comes to long term disability claims, I could not imagine having any other attorney on my side.

Frankel & Newfield...A must for anyone contemplating filing a Disability Claim

I first retained Jason Newfield several years ago, when I was contemplating a potential disability insurance claim. We discussed the issues and my concerns, as there were a number of complicated issues involved. Jason was able to distill these issues and help me navigate through them with relative ease. When it came time to file the claim, the process was smooth, relative to the issues involved. Throughout the process, Jason anticipated how the insurance companies would behave, and was able to develop strategies to effectively combat their approaches. On top of his knowledge base and skillful advocacy, he was extremely responsive and timely to each of my needs, concerns and questions. I have utilized many attorneys over the years on various matters, and his level of competence and confidence was unparalleled. I strongly endorse Jason to anyone who has a disability claim.