Helping You Navigate Short-Term Disability Claims

The first step in the long-term disability claim process is to pursue a claim for short-term disability benefits. When short-term disability insurance claims are denied, there are serious implications for filing a long-term disability claim. For this reason, it is very important to ensure the successful filing and completion of the short-term disability claim.

The relationship between the two is simple. Employers provide employees with short-term disability insurance benefits if they are injured or become ill and cannot work. In some states this is mandated by law. In many cases, the employer is "self-insured" for short-term disability – that is, the company itself pays any short disability claims for its employees by itself. Other companies purchase short-term disability insurance policies for their employees.

It's Not Fair: An LTD Insurance Company Administering Your Claim

The short-term disability programs are almost always administered by a long-term disability insurance company.

By managing the short-term disability claims, the insurance company can:

  • Keep an eye on big claims that may be coming in the future
  • Gather information on a short-term claim in preparation to deny a long-term claim
  • Prevent a long-term disability claim from occurring altogether by short-circuiting a short-term claim

This does not sound fair to disability claimants, and it is not. The insurance company has the upper hand, gathering information in advance of a long-term claim and in many cases, heading off the possibility of a long-term claim by denying the short-term claim.

Frankel & Newfield, P.C. — Before You File Or While Receiving Benefits

The best time to contact our firm is before you have filed for short-term disability insurance benefits. However, it is also critical to work with an attorney when you are receiving short-term disability benefits. Hiring an experienced disability insurance lawyer at this early stage is often helpful in successfully pursuing claims for both short-term and long-term disability benefits.

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