Cancer patients filing a claim for long term disability insurance often find themselves fighting to beat their illness and fighting with the long term disability insurance carrier to obtain their long term disability benefits. At our disability law firm, we can help you fight the disability insurance company so that you can direct your energies towards recovering from cancer.

The words "You have cancer" are still terrifying to hear, even today. While there are many different types of cancers, and there are many new treatments for cancer, it is still a disease that requires most patients to stop working. Some cancer patients can work part time while undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy, while many are simply not able to work and count on their disability insurance benefits to cover the costs of running their households.

For many patients, cancer is a struggle to remain alive every single day, and the ability to work and have a productive and fulfilling career is a casualty of the disease.

Long term disability insurance companies treat cancer claims in the same manner as other claims. A patient may include a description of a condition that has resulted from the cancer itself or the treatment for the disease that the insurance company may try to use as the diagnosis. For example, many cancer patients suffer from overwhelming fatigue, one of many side effects of chemotherapy. Depression and anxiety are also common to cancer patients. A claims adjuster will review claim documents and determine that the disability claim has changed from cancer to a mental/nervous condition, or a chronic fatigue condition, which have more restrictive benefit limits. This is just one example of the tactics used by disability insurance companies and their claims adjusters to delay and deny cancer patients their disability insurance benefits.

The last thing a cancer patient should have to think about is whether or not their disability insurance company is going to delay or deny disability benefits, but unfortunately, this does happen. The national disability law firm of Frankel & Newfield has successfully represented many cancer patients, and we understand how difficult this particular battle is.

Jason Newfield and Justin Frankel have represented many cancer patients and understand how difficult it can be to battle a large insurance company while trying to overcome such a serious illness.

If you are about to file for a disability claim for cancer, or have filed a claim and have been asked to provide additional information or are experiencing any delay in payment of benefits, call our offices today at 1-877-LTD-CLAIM (1-877-583-2524).