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Protective Life Insurance is a large insurance company that has acquired many other insurance companies since its founding in 1907. The most recent acquisition in 2019 was Great-West Life & Annuity Life Insurance. Protective Life Insurance offers disability insurance in addition to many insurance products, including universal life, term life, and survivorship.

If you have a long term disability insurance policy with Protective Life and your claim has been wrongfully denied, the experienced attorneys at Frankel & Newfield can help. Protective is an enormous company, with deep pockets and vast resources, and this is not a fight an individual claimant should take on their own.

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Our practice is completely focused on representing claimants with on ERISA disability claims, association policies and private disability policies. Because we have dedicated our careers to disability disputes, our clients have the benefit of our knowledge and experience, gained from many years of working solely in this area of the law.

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Why Frankel & Newfield Is a Better Choice Among Disability Lawyers

Frankel & Newfield attorneys enjoy a reputation for excellence among our clients, colleagues and our adversaries and by the insurance company claim personnel. The firm is known by attorneys who represent insurance companies and their in-house counsel. They understand that as a firm with two partners, we are quick to respond on behalf of our clients and are not bogged down by layers of internal bureaucracy. We believe that this ability to act swiftly and decisively provides our clients with strong representation.

Another advantage that our clients enjoy is a highly personalized experience, where they are working with the attorney who is representing them. We are not handling our clients over to junior associates, who are likely very talented, but may not have the gravitas of two experienced partners.

Our testimonials provide more feedback on how the firm works to represent clients, and the level of dedication and caring that have for our clients. We know that long after our representation, our clients are receiving benefits on a regular basis and that they appreciate what we have done for them. Some clients have taken the time to contact us with thank you notes, or place reviews on AVVO (here is Jason’s page and here is Justin’s page). We appreciate our clients, those who write on our behalf and those who do not.

How Protective Life May Try to Deny Your Claim

Protective Life Insurance is not new to the disability insurance area, nor are they new to denying, delaying or terminating disability insurance claims. Like many large companies, they have many different subsidiaries that handle different parts of disability claims. Your medical records may be sent to one company to be reviewed by a nurse or a doctor. Your financial records may be requested (and you may or may not be required to provide them) and reviewed by an actuary or an accountant.

Please note that just because Protective Life Insurance requests documents does not mean that you are required by the terms of your contract to provide them. Here’s another thing that Frankel & Newfield does for our clients, which is critical to the success of the claim. When possible, we prefer to begin working with clients before they file a claim with Protective. This allows us to review a disability insurance policy, which is a legally binding contract between the individual and Protective Life Insurance, and learn exactly what your legal situation is.

Some Protective Life Insurance disability contracts are for “own occupation.” The thing that is being insured is your ability to work at your own occupation. For a dentist, being a dentist and all of the associated renumeration that comes with that is what has been insured. A Wall Street trader needs to be able to perform the tasks and duties of that job. If you do not have an “own occupation” policy, our fight on your behalf will require different strategies and nuances.

Another detail that reading your contract with Protective Life Insurance provides us with is whether or not the contract requires that your business financial records are required to be examined by the disability insurance company. This is often a problem for a small business owner. If there is no provision about this specific requirement, then you are not required to provide your financial records.

If financial business records are required by the disability insurance company, then an experienced disability insurance attorney will need to review both the provision and its parameters. We will also need to have in depth conversations with the insured about their business so that the correct information is provided, and create a strategic plan.

Before Filing Your Protective Life Disability Claim, Call Us for a Free Consultation

Frankel & Newfield has a long track record of working with disability claimants whose claims have been denied, delayed and terminated. We work with clients when insurance companies like Protective Life seek to negotiate a settlement, or when an ERISA appeal is denied and the matter needs to go to litigation.

If your Protective Life disability insurance policy has been denied, or you are about to file a claim, or if you are one of the many Great-West Life & Annuity policyholders who has learned that Protective is now handling your claim, contact our law firm today at 877-583-2524. We are ready to help.

Justin C Frankel

Written By:

Justin C. Frankel

Disability Insurance Attorney