Prudential Disability Insurance Claim Denials

Prudential Insurance is an enormous insurance corporation, selling short term and long-term disability insurance policies to millions of Americans at work as part of their employee benefits packages. Typically these are ERISA governed policies.

Prudential is also massive financial conglomerate with $1.4 trillion under management. It’s no easy task to fight back against such a big corporation, but that is what we do for our clients with Prudential disability insurance claims.

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When Prudential denies or terminates your disability insurance claim, you don’t want to go it alone. And you don’t have to. Contact the disability attorneys at Frankel & Newfield at 877-583-2524 to learn how we can defend your rights. The attorneys at Frankel & Newfield have successfully represented many Prudential disability insurance policyholders in their fight to obtain or hold onto their disability benefits. We work with clients on Prudential short term disability claims, as well as long term disability insurance claims.

Long Term Disability Claims Battles with Prudential Insurance

As one of the largest group long term disability insurance companies, Prudential has its own corporate culture that seeks to maintain tight controls on how much money it pays out on claims. But as experienced disability insurance attorneys, we know the strategies that Prudential uses to deny and terminate claims.

Prudential Has A “Take No Prisoners” Approach That We Have Become Accustomed To Over The Decades That We Have Been Practicing Disability Insurance Law.

Our long-term disability insurance lawyers know that the Prudential claims process can be a tricky one to navigate and often the only way to successfully resolve a claim is to file an appeal that aggressively addresses the underlying basis for the claim decision.

Some key factors to consider when dealing with a Prudential disability insurance denial:

  • Locate or secure a copy of your policy. If you can’t find it, contact the insurance agent or your employer’s HR department and be very specific about getting the exact contract that was issued when you purchased the policy. The policies that are being sold today are very different than the ones that were sold twenty, fifteen, ten or even five years ago.
  • Continue working with your treating physician, even if you feel like you are better, and don’t need to go to see the doctor, or feel that no treatment can really be provided. Long term disability insurance claim success depends on strong representation and ongoing medical care.
  • If your doctor is not a specialist, consider making an appointment to see a physician who is a known expert in the field and use them for your medical care. We have seen world-class physician’s credibility’s questions by nurse-practitioners. Any disability insurance company will question the credibility of your physician, so don’t give Prudential the room to take that approach.

Prudential Disability Insurance and Lump-Sum Buyout Negotiations

When it comes to lump sum disability buyouts, Prudential has a “Take It, That’s All We’re Giving” approach.

Any long-term disability insurance company seeking a to rid itself of a claimant through a lump-sum disability buy-out enters negotiations backed by financial information.

A team that includes economists, actuaries and vocational analysts looks at all the numbers, from the expected rate of compensation to the interest rate and investments that the company would expect to receive from the amount of the payout, and many other financial elements.

In most negotiations, there is an expected understanding that the first offer will be the lowest, and that the two parties will work to meet a point in the middle that leaves both parties slightly dissatisfied.

Not Prudential. “This is the number and this is the only number” is the standard Prudential position. We draw on our years of experience with disability insurance buy-out negotiations to maintain our position that our client deserves the full value of their policy. Backing down is not an option.

Our attorneys work with clients on Prudential short term disability claims, as well as long term disability insurance claims.

Frankel & Newfield Has Won Many Battles Against Prudential Disability Insurance

Despite multiple surgeries and powerful pain medications, our client could not continue to work as a financial advisor in a prestigious investment house. Prudential paid benefits for four months and then terminated his claim. A seriously flawed claim review was the reason - but it took an aggressive appeal to get him back on claim.

Prudential denied a claim for benefits for a high-level financial services executive who was a cancer survivor battling several chronic conditions. Frankel & Newfield attacked Prudential's claim practices in a successful appeal that lambasted Prudential's use of an outside medical review company known for having a highly biased reviews that are supposed to be independent. We won the appeal.

A Prudential claimant suffered from migraines and cluster headaches was on claim for a year when Prudential sent a letter saying his benefits were being terminated. He had just been approved for Social Security Disability, so being denied by Prudential didn’t make sense. Despite a rigorous regimen, Prudential said that he was ready to return to work. Given the high-pressure position of his job as Senior Director of Technical and Commercial Operations for a multi-location company, he was in no way able to perform at the high cognitive level required in such a demanding position. Frankel & Newfield fought back with an aggressive appeal, based on a two-pronged approach: our client’s detailed medical records and Prudential’s use of a doctor who is known in the disability community for serving as an insurance disability consultant who hasn’t seen a live patient in at least a decade. Our appeal succeeded, and our client was paid what he was due. We continue to monitor his claim to ensure that he continues to receive his payment. The entire case is described here.

Frankel & Newfield monitors federal disability litigation brought against Prudential, even if they are not handled by our own law firm. We keep an eye on the disability insurance companies to monitor their trends in denying claims, which is useful to our own cases and to our clients. When we see that Prudential has embarked on a series of cases using a particular strategy, we are always ready to fight back for our clients.

Our experience with Prudential includes a case where a client was denied for his low back pain disability that resulted from failed surgery. We submitted an exhaustive appeal and won back his benefits. Seven months afterwards, Prudential sent him a second notice of termination, claiming that he was receiving a pension and they wanted him to repay all of the benefits that had been paid to him.

Our client had not received any pension money from his employer, as that would have voided his long-term disability insurance contract. We appealed the decision, demonstrating that he never received any pension payments. We were successful in defending him.

Frankel & Newfield has many years of experience representing Prudential long-term disability claims and works with many Prudential policyholders who have had their claims denied, delayed and terminated.

If you need help with a Prudential disability claim, call our office toll-free at 1-877-LTD-CLAIM (877-583-2524).

Jason A. Newfield

Written By:

Jason A. Newfield

Disability Insurance Attorney