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If you have filed a claim for disability insurance benefits and your claim has been denied, or the insurance company representatives keep asking you for more information, you may be in need of experienced legal guidance. Frankel & Newfield can help you with New Jersey individual and group disability insurance matters.

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Located between New York and Pennsylvania, New Jersey is as well known for its beautiful coastline and resort areas as it is for being home to many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. New Jersey has several large cities located near its northeastern and southeastern borders - Newark in the north and Trenton in the south – but much of New Jersey is low-density suburbs and farmland.


Frankel & Newfield has represented many individuals from New Jersey with long term disability matters at all phases of their claims. Surveillance and investigations are often an unpleasant part of the claims process. It is important to know what pitfalls exist and how to prevent becoming ensnared in an insurance company’s trap.

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We advise all of our clients who are about to file a disability claim or those who are in the claims process to stop any social media activities. Unless you can somehow magically guarantee that no one outside of your circle of known friends and family members will be able to see your Facebook posts, Twitter feed or other social media posts, your life should be removed from social media.

Insurance companies were very quick to learn that social media was an easy way to track and follow individuals and their activities and lives. The problem is, a photo on Facebook that shows you enjoying a family dinner at Thanksgiving does not tell the whole story. It cannot show how difficult it was for you to get into a car, or that you only attended the event for an hour because of pain from the injury that also prevents you from working.

For the insurance company, a Facebook photo that shows someone at a family dinner means that you are able to perform tasks of daily living that include getting out of bed, getting dressed, toileting, getting into a car, travelling and the physical activities that are involved with attending a social event. The same thinking will be applied to any other online posts in any other social media.

Disability insurance companies hire private investigators to conduct video surveillance of claimants when they believe that the claimant is not really disabled, or if they are trying to build a case against the claim. Surveillance is legal and inexpensive. It is also extremely unobtrusive so you may not know that you are being videotaped. A few clues - an unmarked van or car parked near your home that does not seem to belong in the neighborhood. If there are no workers moving in and out of the van with supplies or tools, it may be a surveillance van. If you feel uncomfortable about such a vehicle parked near your home, you may call the police to alert them.

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Jason A. Newfield

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