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Maryland is a small state where a large number of corporations have made their home. Maryland has the highest median household income, most likely because of the many corporations located in the state, and its close proximity to Washington, D.C., where many legal and technical and defense/aerospace professionals work. Two counties, Montgomery and Howard, are the tenth and third wealthiest in the nation, and the state poverty level is the lowest in the country. Shipping and transportation is a large part of the state’s economy, with the Port of Baltimore, and food production is another, with commercial fishing in Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic seacoast.

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Maryland is also home to several colleges and universities with world-wide reputations for excellence. The University of Maryland at College Park, Towson University, Johns Hopkins University, and Loyola, to name but a few, also draw many professionals to Maryland. For such a small state, Maryland has a lot to offer.

Our Maryland disability attorneys assist disability insurance claimants with all stages of their claims, for ERISA or group and private purchase disability insurance policies.

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Frankel & Newfield represents individuals who have been placed under surveillance by private investigators who are hired by the disability insurance company. There are many problems raised by the use of videotaping, and an innocent person who does not know how to protect themselves from this practice can create additional problems with their claim.

If you have filed a claim, the disability insurance company is starting to assemble information on you – and that may include video surveillance. If you see an unmarked van or a car that does not belong in your neighborhood, it is possible that there is a team inside with recording equipment. It is very simple and very inexpensive to videotape anyone, and it is also legal.

The problems of videotaping is that while you may be able to manage to get yourself out the door once a week for a doctor’s appointment, or if your doctor prescribes physical therapy and you leave the house dressed as if you are going to work out at a gym, the video seems to record the activities of a healthy person who is able to get dressed and leave the house.

What the video does not show – how long it takes you to get out of bed, how painful it may be for you to get dressed and leave the house. Many of our clients are able to get out to the doctor’s office, but that may be the extent of their activities for an entire week. The one outing is all they can manage. And one outing is not enough for a regular working life.

If you suspect that you are being videotaped, in Maryland or any other state, the insurance company is simply building a case of evidence against you. Do not do anything to the people in the van or the car. Do not approach them. Continue to do the things that you need to do – go to the doctor, attend medical appointments or physical therapy appointments. Just be aware that you are living under surveillance, and make sure that you track your appointments. And call an experienced disability attorney who can help when the insurance company rolls the videotape.

Justin C Frankel

Written By:

Justin C. Frankel

Disability Insurance Attorney