Idaho, also known as the "Gem State", is a place that has retained a wild, rugged and beautiful landscape to this day. Frankel & Newfield, long term disability lawyers, have a tested and true track record of working throughout the entire United States. We work with claimants who are filing for disability insurance and are being denied, or who are ceaselessly hounded by insurance company representatives for more data.

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The Gem State is a part of our nation’s rocky northwest corridor. A major section of the Rockies run through the state, along with several major rivers connecting it with the Pacific, 350 miles west of the state. Idaho has some of the country’s most rugged and wild terrain; such as Hells Canyon – the deepest gorge in the U.S. This is also the location of the largest contiguous area of protected wilderness in the continental U.S. Idaho’s capital is Boise which also happens to be the most populous area in the state.


Idaho’s population density is very low, currently the 7th least densely populated, which makes it easy to live far apart from other people. This may normally be enjoyable, but when dealing with a debilitating injury that keeps you out of work, it can suddenly appear as a major hindrance. Simple matters such as driving to the local super market or someone coming to help you may be far more time consuming than it would be elsewhere. Frankel & Newfield have represented people from all across Idaho with long term disability insurance issues during all phases of their claims. Disability insurance companies have a penchant for bogging down the claims process in order to make it unpleasant and dissuade the claimant from pursuing their claim.

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A couple of tactics employed by insurance companies are investigations and surveillance. It is for this reason we request all of our clients steer clear of social media and keep any information regarding them off the internet. Having friends come over, take pictures and post them on Facebook or Instagram, or pictures of you at family gatherings can suddenly become ammunition for the insurance company in denying your claim. We also understand that the people of Idaho are rugged individuals and proud of doing the daily upkeep on their property, but this too needs to end when filing for a claim. Employing someone to record you when outside of your house is both easy and cheap. If an insurance company catches you outside on video doing any form of yard work, then receiving your claim can turn from a mole hill into a mountain.

At Frankel & Newfield we understand the mentality of Idahoans. However, our number one focus and yours is successfully receiving your money from the insurance company in an expedient manner. The less ammunition we provide the insurance company with, the faster things will be resolved and we will be able to go on with life. If you are in need of help at home or need to go out for something, please ask family for assistance. Explain to them the danger of you being videotaped while outside. And regarding social media, explain to friends and family that they can hamper your claims process if they post pictures of you online. Make sure during this whole process to keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles and/or people lurking in your neighborhood.

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Jason A. Newfield

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